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AL Development Basics [2023] (BC006990-engai)


AI/KI-powered content | 38 videos | 4 h. 26 min. | Business Central | English

Requirements: Applications basics Development Basics
Welcome to our online training course on the fundamentals of development using the AL programming language for Business Central! In this course, you'll gain an understanding of the basic concepts and tools needed to program with AL and develop applications for Business Central.

We'll dive deep into creating tables and pages, shaping the data structure and user interface of your application. You'll learn how to define tables, add fields, and establish relationships between them. With pages, you can then build the user interface and add controls to enable interaction with your application.

Another key focus is the AL syntax. We'll introduce you to the basic concepts and keywords of the language, enabling you to understand and write code effectively. You'll discover how to declare variables, define functions, and use conditions to implement your application's logic.

Additionally, we'll cover setting up Visual Studio Code for AL development. You'll learn how to install and configure the AL extension and the Business Central Extension Pack, streamlining your work on projects.

This training provides a solid foundation for working with the AL programming language for Business Central. It includes practical exercises to apply what you've learned and offers access to resources and tools to answer your queries.

Let's start exploring tables, pages, AL syntax, and setting up Visual Studio Code for AL development. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of AL programming for Business Central!

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Michaela Gayer

Female Intelligence Learn4D365


AI/KI Content
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Dauer: 4 hours 26 min.

  • A first overview
  • Installation Visual Studio Code
  • Installation of the AL Programming Language
  • Basic Settings in Visual Studio Code
  • App Structure Dependency
  • Licensing
  • Object Types
  • Create a new project
  • Creating a New Project
  • Basic Configurations of the App - launch.json
  • Basic Configurations of the App - app.json
  • Downloading Symbol Files
  • Tables
  • Basics of Tables
  • Creating a Table
  • Adding Additional Fields to Standard Tables
  • Keys
  • Flowfields and Flowfilters
  • Pages
  • Basics of Pages
  • Example List Page
  • Example Card Page
  • Example Creating a MainSubPage
  • Expanding Fields in a Standard Page
  • Factboxes
  • Actions
  • Syntax
  • Basics of Programming Syntax
  • IF,CASE, Statement & Loops
  • Trigger
  • Working with Data - Inser, Modify, Delete
  • Working with Data - Editing Datasets
  • Deployment in Production Environment
  • Source Code Management
  • Reports, Queries, Interfaces
  • Creating a Simple Report
  • Processing Only Report
  • Queries
  • XMLPorts
  • Cookbook
  • Virtual Tables
  • Temporary Tables
  • Field groups
  • Table Relation with filters
  • Conditional Relationships
  • Record Refs and Field Refs
  • Partial Records
  • BLOB data type
  • Media data type
  • API pages
  • ListPlus pages
  • Matrix pages
  • Filter pages
  • Views
  • Dynamic Use of Properties
  • Installer Code
  • Labels
  • .NET Assemblies
  • Course Rating
  • Survey
Completion rules
  • You must complete 70.00% of the content